2016 Moon Phase Chart - The timing of moon phases and zodiac signs to help you with gardening.

New Moon:
The time to maintain your garden

The New Moon: A time for garden maintenance

New Moon - Moon PhaseAs the New Moon begins to dominate the sky its influence on growing things enters a state of rest and equilibrium.

Growth is steady and stable. The growth of vegetation during this time is balanced and constant, providing stability to the plants. Their immune systems are fortified and any plant damage is repaired during this phase of the moon.

Because of this state of plant growth it is a perfect time for garden maintenance and composting. All of the chores that you have been putting off should be done during this moon phase.

This is the perfect time to destroy weeds and for tilling the soil. The New Moon is also the correct moon phase in which to eliminate pests. Prune your plants and mow your lawn now to control and moderate their growth.

New moon gardening activities


This is the best time to cultivate, harvest, transplant and prune in your garden. Also, you should apply garden fertilizers during the New Moon. Potassium absorption, which improves the overall strength of a plant, will be peaking now.

Disease and insect control

Apply organic sprays now to fruit trees for maximum effect on damaging parasites. The New Moon encourages stability in the growth of vegetation and discourages anything that poses a threat to natural maturation. Thus, help nature by stepping up your organic insect control during this moon phase.

Soil maintenance

Till the soil and add any necessary amendments during the New Moon. This is the perfect time to weed your garden. Some say that weeds removed during this moon phase will never grow back. Also, proper soil preparation in your garden now will allow it to breathe and retain moisture.

New Moon vs Full Moon harvesting

You can harvest your mature crops during either the New Moon or the Full Moon. Both moon phases are regarded as a time for reaping the rewards of your labors. However, New Moon harvesting is more often regarded as a time for maintenance. (i.e. weeding, composting, tilling, mulching)
On the other hand Full Moon harvesting is generally regarded as the proper time to gather up crops. The harvesting and preservation of your crops, during the proper moon phase, can produce great rewards for your table.

Moon phase gardening

Growing your garden by the phases of the moon is an ideal way to time the growth and maintenance cycles of your plants. In this way you can control your garden's growth which, in turn, will promote your garden's health. Each moon phase enhances some aspect of the growing cycle. By following the advice of generations of gardeners, moon phase gardening can help you improve your gardening techniques.

Note: During the New Moon you can most effectively control weeds, apply organic fertilizers and harvest below ground crops.

From the first shoots breaking the soil and reaching for the light to the harvesting of the natural bounty from your garden, there is the joy of organic gardening.

Producing food grown in your own garden plot is one of life's great pleasures. Enjoy!

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