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2016 Moon Phase Chart - The timing of moon phases and zodiac signs to help you with gardening.

Moon Phase Planting Zones
Planting zones and moon phase charts for the organic gardener

Planting zones and moon phases for the organic gardener

Moon phases and planting zones

Interest in organic gardening is increasing among serious gardeners seeking a holistic approach to plant growth. And, as the centuries roll on gardening by moon phases has stood the test of time.

Moon phase gardening is a holistic approach to organic gardening. It factors in the phases of the moon for a more complete approach to the growing cycle. (i.e. biodynamic gardening)

There are hundreds of wonderful plants that will excel in your garden, though they may not flourish in other parts of the country, or even in different sections of your state. The unique qualities of your climate have a powerful influence on what will grow well for you.

The following charts show the frost free dates and moon phase planting windows for your particular gardening zone.

Frost free planting zones
Planting zones and moon phases*

Moon Phase and Frost Map - Continental United States Moon Phase Planting Zone 4Moon Phase Planting Zone 3Moon Phase Planting Zone 2Moon Phase Planting Zone 1

Current Moon Phase
*Select your gardening zone for frost free and moon phase planting dates
For more information on world hardiness zones see: Gardening Resources

Climate determines what you can grow in your home garden

Some plants thrive only in mild-winter areas, and cannot survive freezing temperatures. Others do best where winters are cold, for they need an annual period of chilling. Some demand a great deal of moisture, including humid air, while others adapt easily to dry conditions. Many like acid soil or the kind of climate that produces it while others enjoy or tolerate alkalinity.

Fortunately this is not as complex as it sounds, for the main factor in determining which plants will succeed for you is the minimum winter temperature in your area.

Old Gardeners Tip: When you see weeds beginning to appear in your planting areas it is time to sow your hardy plants. Radishes, cole crops, lettuce and other cool weather crops will now be able to survive in the garden.

Frost free planting zones

Locate your zone on the hardiness map. While these are accurate in a general way, they cannot show temperature variations between mountaintops and valleys, pavement-warmed cities and adjoining open-country suburbs, or coastal sites along large bodies of water as differing from inland properties. So, if you live in a spot that varies from most of the region around it, adjust your plant selections accordingly.

Astrological Gardening

Major climate regions and how to garden in each

Factors that affect the way you garden, besides temperature, include the amount of rainfall, type of soil, elevation of land, amount of wind, and, of course, sunshine. Wherever you live, it will pay to learn the quirks of your climate and site. Count your blessings and make the most of them! Undoubtedly you can grow many plants superbly to the envy of people in other parts of the country. But, face it, you probably have some unique problems, too. Discovering what the difficulties are will aid you in finding ways to adapt to, moderate, or conquer them.

The moon, temperature, moisture, light and nutrients

The above chart, which covers the continental United States, provides a guide to the proper planting times as they relate to the phases of the moon and frost free dates in your area. Following this guide will ensure that the timing of your moon phase garden is organically correct.

Factors that encourage good growth

Moon Phase gardening isn't just about the moon. You must take into account all of the factors that encourage good growth. Temperature, soil, water requirements, light requirements and fertilizers all play a part.

Time your garden planting by the phases of the moon

What is the best time to plant your garden and insure a robust harvest? The perfect time for planting in your area should be after the last frost and during a waxing/increasing moon for above ground crops or a waning/decreasing moon for below ground crops.

Plant above ground crops during a waxing moon

Waxing moon phases (increasing brightness)The two main tenets of moon planting are that plants that produce the eaten or desired part above ground, above ground crops, should be planted in the waxing moon (the period of increasing light between a new and full moon).

Plant below ground crops when the moon is waning

Waning moon phases (decreasing brightness)Plants which produce the eaten or desired part below ground, below ground crops (root crops, flowers grown especially for bulbs or tubers), should be planted in the waning moon (the period of decreasing light after the full moon and before the next new moon).

The moon patterns and your garden

Many gardeners believe that the moon, in its revolution around the earth, produces an influence on the development of growing plants. These gardeners schedule the placement of seeds and transplants, as well as harvesting and preservation for times when the moon is in a the proper phase.
These moon phases follow a definite pattern by which the home gardener and farmer can regulate their gardening.

Moon phase gardening

The belief in moon planting or gardening by moon phases is an ancient system of agriculture. It is alluded to by folklore that has passed down to us through the centuries.

Greek and Roman writers have written on the subject and it has remained a standard method for planting and growing crops up to the present.

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