2016 Moon Phase Chart - The timing of moon phases and zodiac signs to help you with gardening.

Plant and Vegetable Guide to Moon Gardening
The basics of moon phase gardening and how it effects the growth of vegetable plants.

  • Above Ground Crops - Plants that produce their fruits above the soil.
  • Below Ground Crops - Garden plants that provide their bounty below the soil.

  • How does your garden grow?

    Natural laws are the same for any type of plant. Nature dictates the soil, fertilizers, water requirements and light requirements for optimum growth of each type of plant. Moon phase gardening and zodiac sign gardening are a part of this natural organic cycle.

    In order to have a successful garden you must abide by the natural order of things. This includes planting and cultivating your garden by seasons (i.e. zodiac sign gardening) and optimum planting dates (i.e. moon phase gardening). Avoiding these basic rules will result in an inferior crop.

    Natural processes cannot be overlooked!

    Moon phases gardening and organic gardening go hand-in-hand. The union of these two principles most closely follows the conditions of nature. They compliment each other. Below, is a map of the United States showing the main climate zones and their planting dates.

    Frost free and Moon Phase planting zones for the USA
    Planting zones and moon phases for 2014*

    Moon Phase and Frost Map - Continental United StatesMoon Phase Planting Zone 4 Moon Phase Planting Zone 3 Moon Phase Planting Zone 2 Moon Phase Planting Zone 1

    Current Moon Phase
    *Select your gardening zone for frost free and moon phase planting dates

    The personality of plants

    The same rules of growth apply to all vegetation but, each individual plant requires its own specialized application of these rules. In other words, every type of plant has its own set of needs.
    The full potential of the growth of plants and vegetables can only be realized when you supply them with what nature intended them to have. Timing your garden chores to coincide with nature is a primary requirement for robust growth and astronomical gardening techniques, such as moon phase gardening, will enhance the success of your plants.

    Whether you are growing above ground crops, below ground crops, trees, shrubs or are involved with indoor gardening you cannot expect the results of your labor to meet your expectations without considering the unique personality and needs of each of your plants. Observe them carefully. Good luck and happy growing!

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