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2016 Moon Phase Chart - The timing of moon phases and zodiac signs to help you with gardening.

Zodiac Sign Gardening
Regulating the stages of your garden's growth by the stars

  • Zodiac Gardening Basics
    Fundamental rules of planting and maintaining your crops in tune with the signs of the zodiac.

Gardening by the moon and stars to optimize your crop yields

Gardening by the signs of the zodiac bronze plaque.Observing the positions of the constellations in the sky is a very effective way to time the planting, growing and cultivation of your plants. This method of husbandry is as old as mankind and still used in today's more modern times.

By timing their crops by gardening by moon phases and zodiac gardening basics ancient farmers optimized their crops and produced the most abundant yields.

These signs of the zodiac, when traversed by the moon, signal times in the phases of plant development when particular actions should be taken.

Whereas the moon gives us a general window of opportunity for planting, cultivating and harvesting crops the zodiac signs provide more subtle effects. They fine tune our gardening efforts to be more in tune with nature.

moonGROW Tip:
The full effects of gardening by the phases of the moon are heightened when the lunar orb is in the right zodiac sign. Planting crops when the moon is in the proper phase and in conjunction with certain zodiac constellations is the ultimate form of moon phase gardening.

Leafy and above ground plants

Leafy plants do best in the water signs. The water signs are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, and are the correct signs for planting above ground, leafy annuals. The Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are also very fertile and good for planting all other above ground crops.

Root bearing and below ground plants

Root bearing crops do best in the earth signs. As the waxing /brightening moon passes through one of the earth signs plant root crops such as carrots and potatoes. This is also a good time for transplanting, as this period promotes subsurface root development of below ground crops.

Note: Plants which produce their fruits above ground should be planted during the waxing/brightening moon phases. Plants that yield their produce below ground (root crops) should be planted in the waning/dimming moon phases.

Gardening by the signs of the zodiac

Gardening by the signs of the Zodiac is a method of fine tuning your moon phase gardening efforts. Planting, growing and maintaining your garden by the constellations or signs of the Zodiac enhances the effects of the moon on your crops.

The first farmers were probably the true founders of astrology. Their crops responded to the signs in the heavens and this became a easy method of ensuring good harvesting and preservation of their plants. By correctly timing the seasonal growth cycle of their crops their yields were improved. Certain seasons brought changing conditions which would either help or hinder the crops.

Each season presented different patterns in the constellations and these patterns would evolve into astrology as we know it today. There is no doubt that the moon, planets and stars, in the heavens, move with a clockwork regularity that can be used to gage the proper seasons and times to successfully plant, grow and maintain crops.

Fertile and Barren Signs

The Fertile Signs of the Zodiac

Seed planting and transplanting seedlings is best done during a waxing/brightening moon, in an earth or water sign. These signs are signs of fertility.

The fertile zodiac signs are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Tarus and Capricorn

The Barren Signs of the Zodiac

Maintenance gardening, soil preparation and pruning are best done when the moon is waning/dimming and in an air or fire sign.

The barren signs of the zodiac are: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Astrological Gardening

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