2016 Moon Phase Chart - The timing of moon phases and zodiac signs to help you with gardening.

Seeds and Transplants
Planting seeds and setting transplants in your astrological garden

  • Seeds - Caring for the place where the miracle of growth begins, seeds.
  • Seed Planting - Starting the life cycle of your plants in the good earth.
  • Transplanting Seedlings - The care and culture of your emerging plants.

  • Planting by the moon and stars

    Planting time for your crops is a critical moment in the growth cycle. The timing of your seed planting must occur at the peak of the seasonal growth cycle.

    Gardening by moon phases and zodiac sign gardening are the most accurate ways to achieve this timing. Seeds properly planted in this manner will outperform those which are casually placed into the ground.

    This formula for planting by the moon and zodiac signs has been passed down to us from our distant past. Astrological farming is a tried and true method of agriculture older than written history. The persistence of the belief in this way of planting seeds and transplants, even to the present day, speaks to its validity.

    The use of organic gardening techniques is recommended when planting by the moon and zodiac signs as it is the most natural method of horticulture that we know. When we are following the natural cycles in the heavens we should also be following the natural process of plant growth in the earth. Organic gardening provides for the maximum quality and flavor of vegetables and fruits by creating the optimum natural environment for robust growth.

    Moon phase planting and transplanting

    Find the best moon phase for your crops. If they are above ground crops that produce their fruit above ground you will want to plant in the first quarter or second quarter moon, two days after the new moon or two days before the full moon. The first is for above ground leafy plants and the second is for plants that bear their seeds within the fruit.

    Root crops or below ground crops are best planted or transplanted just after the full moon. The closer to the point at which the moon is beginning to wane or diminish the better. This gives maximum support to root growth.

    Selecting the best Zodiac Sign

    Determine the zodiac sign that favors your crop. General rules for zodiac sign gardening are as follows;

    • Roots are favored by the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

    • Leafy crops are best planted in the water signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

    • Flowers are best in the air signs of Libra, Gemini or Aquarius.

    • Seed crops such as fruits and nuts may be planted in the fire signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

    Note: The Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are thought to be barren and dry, not the best time for planting. However, some plants will respond during this period. Experiment and see what works best for you.

    Finding the dates and times of the zodiac signs

    You can find the dates and times for the appearance of the zodiac signs by using an astrology calendar, which can be purchased in most bookstores and/or consulting the Old Farmers Almanac. Also, they can be found in an ephemeris, which will tell you the moon ingress (when it goes into a zodiac sign) or last aspect (when it leaves a zodiac sign) in International Time.

    Seasonal imperative

    Of course it goes without saying that you must be in the right season to get the best results. Each variety of seeds has certain preferences of air and soil temperature for planting. The proper temperature ranges are just as important as the lunar cycles.

    Starting Seeds Indoors by the Moon and Zodiac Signs

    To get the most from your planting season, especially where the growth window is short, you will need to consider starting seeds indoors. This way you will have them ready to go into the ground when the weather warms.

    Frost free dates

    To calculate when to start your seeds you need to know when your average last frost date occurs in your area and observing the moon phase planting zones. You can find that out from USDA frost maps, which provide the average temperatures for your location. These dates represent an average range of periods, and it is possible that you could experience frosts after these dates. Other more accurate sources of information include your local agricultural extension, university or area garden clubs.

    Timing the germination of your plants

    Once you know your frost free date, you will need to know the number of weeks it takes for your plants to grow to transplant size. Start at your last frost free date and count backwards the number of weeks necessary for them to maturate. This is your planting date. Now, determine the nearest favorable moon phase and the perfect zodiac sign that corresponds to that date. This is when to plant your seeds for favorable germination.
    Note: It may be necessary to adjust your planting date. Move it up to accommodate frost sensitive plants or back if the year is a warm one. You can always pot your plants to hold them over if the weather is bad.

    Starting a Fall Zodiac Garden

    Starting a fall garden requires you to calculate from the first expected frost date then count back the number of weeks needed for your plants to mature or establish themselves. Once you have determined this date find the best moon and zodiac sign combination and correlate them with this planting time. This is the astrological window, for planting, that will produce the best results.

    Note: Hardy crops can often be planted a month or two later but they need enough time to become viable before the cold weather sets in.

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